Energy Manager Key Characteristics: Experience with Energy Improvement

Posted by Agave Systems on February 27, 2019 1:14:00 PM PST
Part 3-2


In this week's blog series, Agave® Systems' CTO, Mark Gilbreth, continues to discuss the Key Characteristics of an Energy Manager by speaking to the importance of experience of energy management. 
As an Energy Manager, you are a leader. You must access experience to develop energy savings ideas. Your experience or team of experts should have a thorough understanding of utility rates. Time-of-Use rates are complex and changing, but understanding is critical to identify what energy improvements will help achieve your goals. Other energy reductions include process changes, such as equipment schedules or thermostat setting changes, provide a quick win for the team. Equipment upgrades that require capital, provide paybacks of 1 to 3 years but typically generate more savings.
Lastly, onsite generation, such as Solar, Cogeneration, and Energy Storage provide paybacks in the 3-5 year range, but offer greater savings. These are a few examples of energy savings strategies that have helped others achieve their goals. Does your team have the experience to know which will help you achieve your goals? 
Whether you are an experienced Energy or Sustainability Manager, or just getting started, Agave® Systems has developed the Evolution™ platform to assist you on your road to success. If you are looking for a central tool to acquire energy data process metrics in real-time, validate utility bills, or projects, provide alerts or bring knowledge to your team, we are excited to help achieve your business goals. Learn more about Agave® Systems, here. Be sure to tune in next time to hear more about the key characteristics of an energy manager. Until next time, have fun innovating your way to success. 


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