Energy Manager Key Characteristics: Establish Critical Key Metrics

Posted by Agave Systems on March 15, 2019 1:33:00 PM PDT
Part 2

Why is it important to establish critical energy metrics? Mark Gilbreth, CTO and Founder of Agave® Systems, explains that these metrics will identify the goals that rally your organization, at both the executive and working level, around how you add value. These metrics should:

  • Be aware of business operations
  • Monitor energy usage
  • Understand utility rates
  • Know the impact of demand charges 
  • Be compliant with GHG Emissions

Whether you are an experienced Energy or Sustainability Manager, or just getting started, Agave® Systems has developed the Agave® Analytics Suite to assist you on your road to success. If you are looking for a central tool to acquire energy data process metrics in real-time, validate utility bills, or projects, provide alerts or bring knowledge to your team, we are excited to help achieve your business goals. Learn more about Agave® Systems, here. Be sure to tune in next time to hear more about the key characteristics of an energy manager. Until next time, have fun innovating your way to success. 


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