What do these industries have in common?

Posted by Alexis D'Epagnier on August 20, 2019 10:14:28 AM PDT

What does a 355-bed non-profit city hospital, a nation-wide recycling firm, and a small family owned custom design architectural element company have in common with your business?Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 10.15.47 AM

Managed Healthcare® sites that hospitals face significant challenges with policy changes, implementing value-based care, addressing rising pharmacy costs and using big data effectively. Recycling firms have been impacted by restrictions on exporting renewable plastics creating a significant financial challenge to the industry as a whole. Small firms who deal in custom projects are challenged to preserve cash flow as it becomes a critical success factor for surviving long sales and project cycles. All of these distinct organizations share a focus on eliminating unwarranted costs. However, Agave® clients take an extra step!

Given the rising cost of utility prices these companies are all using Agave® systems analytics suite to simplify their utility bill management to ensure they are not wasting cash. They are finding ways to reduce cost by better understanding how they are billed through real time business intelligence instrumentation provided by Agave®. As a result, they are eliminating the odds of being inaccurately billed and are able to track usage demand against costs with automated alerts that provide guidance. These companies found that the traditional approach of simply paying their bill was an act of costly complacency. Using Agave® has empowered them. Is your company an empowered utility user?

Let us share our commercial and industrial success stories with you. Contact us for more information on how your business can drive energy costs down and avoid meaningless charges at sales@agavesi.com.

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