The Importance of Utility Bill Auditing

Posted by Steve Acevedo on July 30, 2019 7:07:00 AM PDT

Steve Acevedo CEO comments on the recent LA Times article, "Overcharged DWP customers could get an additional $50 million in Refunds, new layers say"

Last week’s raid by the FBI on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power was just another reminder to our team and prospective clients that billing systems are not infallible.  We have seen many billing inconsistencies like a recent poultry farmer charged $95,000 erroneously for demand charges. Who is watching out for your company as it relates to your utility bill?  Agave® Systems is presenting another set of eyes to provide automated utility bill auditing.  Additional features include demand charge mitigation, distributed generation / microgrid options and energy star reporting.  Agave® Systems helps commercial and industrial clients become empowered – making them bullet proof to billing errors by utilities. 


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