Success Elements Part 6: Value Based Partnering

Posted by Agave Systems on February 11, 2019 10:14:00 AM PST
Part 6


Over the last 30 years, CEO and founder, Steve Acevedo finds that value based partnering as been the key to his success. In the final edition to the 6 Part Series on Success Elements to Building a Prosperous Energy Consulting Services practice, we learn the main benefits of Value Based Partnering. Those benefits are supplementation of staff skills, access to support for times staff is unavailable, access to collective knowledge available in the industry, risk mitigation, smooth implementation and web based status reporting of installation. If you are interested in joining Agave® Systems' referral sales team, check out our partner page. Thank you for watching our final part of the Success Elements to Building a Prosperous Energy Consulting Practice. Until next time, good luck and good selling!


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