Energy Manager Key Characteristics: Focus on Adding Value

Posted by Agave Systems on February 20, 2019 1:23:00 PM PST
Part 1
In this week's blog series, Agave® Systems' CTO, Mark Gilbreth, provides the importance of the Focus on Adding Value. You must make what you do in your role relevant to the business. The work you perform must drive value or dollars. Mark's advice to adding value is laid out in these key points:
1) understand business drivers,
2) enhance marketing and branding,
3) share roadmap and vision,
4) develop capital budgets, and
5) identify financial objectives.
Whether you are an experienced Energy or Sustainability Manager, or just getting started, Agave® Systems has developed the Agave® Analytics Suite to assist you on your road to success. If you are looking for a central tool to acquire energy data process metrics in real-time, validate utility bills, or projects, provide alerts or bring knowledge to your team, we are excited to help achieve your business goals. Learn more about Agave® Systems, here. Be sure to tune in next time to hear more about the key characteristics of an energy manager. Until next time, have fun innovating your way to success. 


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