Energy Manager Key Characteristics: Intro

Posted by Agave Systems on February 8, 2019 12:28:35 PM PST
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Energy Costs are rising and becoming a more significant portion of your companies operating budget. Local, State, and Federal agencies are mandating that your business begin reporting and reducing Green House Gas Emissions. Meet Mark Gilbreth, Founder and Chief Technology Office of Agave® Systems, Inc. Mark has 27 years of experience driving value with process improvement and automated systems. He has held many leadership positions and his success has been driven by identifying business processes, eliminating waste, and driving value to his organizations. Based on his experience, Mark shares the the 5 Key Characteristics that will make you a successful energy or sustainability manager. Those characteristics are: 1) A Focus on Added Value, 2) Establish Critical Energy Metrics, 3) Experience with Energy Improvement, 4) Model Good Teamwork Habits, and 5) Implement Controls. In this series, Mark will dive deep into each of these key characteristics. Learn more about Agave® Systems, here. Be sure to tune in next time to hear more about the key characteristics of an energy manager. Until next time, have fun innovating your way to success. 


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