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Posted by Mark Gilbreth on August 7, 2019 8:11:00 AM PDT

It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to drive their mission with sustainability in mind – external pressures from government and activists to not only abide by regulations but aim to cut back on all excess waste has forced companies to rethink their practices. According to LNS Research, there are six components in Enterprise Sustainability Management – Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS); Energy Management; Carbon Management; Operational Risk Management; Product Stewardship; Sustainability Reporting. While all of these play important roles in Enterprise Sustainability Management, we are going to focus on Energy Management and Sustainability Reporting.


The adage applies, “What Gets Measured, Gets Improved”. The issue is that most organizations are not setting Energy Cost Goals for their business. Or, they have set Energy Cost Goals, but do not have an effective management system that provides ongoing reporting and analytics. If you spend more than $10,000 per month in Energy Costs and you have no management system in place, you are almost certainly missing an opportunity to save 30% on your Energy Costs. Energy usage accounts for 30-40% of the overall operating costs of an enterprise and if this energy is being wasted, so is your company's money.

Energy waste isn’t just negatively affecting your company’s bank account, it is also impacting the environment creating the need for sustainability reporting. Numerous cities throughout the U.S. are now required to submit Energy Star® reporting. This process provides benchmarking which allows companies the opportunity to compare how well they are doing within their industry and make conscious efforts to lower their energy consumption.

With the Agave® Systems application, both real-time data alerts and analytics are provided to help manage and identify savings opportunities. You can set Energy Cost Goals that will provide email alert notifications and you can set an Annual goal value that is evenly distributed by month, set individual monthly goal values, or copy previous year actuals as a baseline to get started. Through the Agave® Systems portal, you can quickly see what your electricity spend is for the month, while you still have time to implement corrective action. You can easily drill down from monthly demand or energy charges to key periods where managing energy usage will drive the Electric Costs savings you want to achieve.

Agave® Systems also provides Energy Star® reporting to all clients, eliminating the need to manually input data or hire a third party to submit the data for you.

Our Agave® team is excited to help empower you to manage your Energy Costs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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